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Saturday 11 February 2017

10 things every game developer should or shouldn't do


I haven't posted in a while but today I've decided is time to make a new post and discuss about something bothered me for long time. Game developers forget or don't want to include some things that I feel like they're important right now in 2017 for your game. So here is my list of things game developers should do for their games, the list is not in any order.

1. Multi monitor/video card support

In 2017, multi monitors setups are often used, myself I have a three monitors setup. Many new games don't support it and it's frustrating that you can't play the game on other monitor. for example, hooking up the TV to your PC and trying to play a game but the game still displays on the monitor..

2. Bad audio options

I've seen games that don't have audio options at all or some sounds can't be tuned up within the game. It's annyoing because if you listen to music or talk via skype, the game sound would kill your ears.

3. No feedback on what's going on

Some games doesn't give you a feedback on what is going on in game. For example, you hit something but the game doesn't tell you how much damage you've done.

4. Show the death reason

I love to know what killed me. Games like Paladins, show you a short replay on how you've died.

5. Less cinematics, more gameplay

Yes, nowdays games play more cinematics than actual gameplay. I want to climb a wall, guess what.. a 2 minutes cinematic.. is like watching a movie, not playing a game.

6. Too many quick time events

Quick time events are bad in general, you hit random buttons that appear on screen to do an action you probably don't want to do but the game forces you (damn communist games ;p). Games should give you the freedom to do whatever you want in a certain way.

7. Repetitive boring game mechanics

Some games have new mechanics that they make the player use a lot, some of the game mechanics are good (Portal 2 for example), but some are boring or bad.

8. Intros that you can't skip

A lot of games doesn't let you skip the intro and wastes your time with the same intro. I like how Westwood Studios made the Red Alert 2's intro, first time you can't skip it, it's a good intro that you'd love to watch, but only first time, but after the first time, the intro is shorter and also you can skip it!

9. Bad porting of game menu

Some games are ported directly from consoles to PCs and they have a lot of features missing, like mouse support, proper video settings.

10. Lot of options

People love to have options, if your game have options that you can change and personalize, people will love it! Of course, you can't let players change the game experience you want to give, but maybe some players might like to have different experiences with your game, don't force them with your vision!

I hope I did help you with my ideas for game design, mostly game options and some mechanics for now, maybe I will continue making a part 2 of this ;)

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