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Tuesday 25 November 2014

Mutant co-op on a new server

Today I've been busy setting up the server to run on a brand new server hosted by, they're helping us hosting (probably) the best renegade co-op server, mutant co-op.
If you don't know what is Renegade, then check this video!
and here is a short tutorial for new comers!
The server ip and port are the following, we're still in process of adding new stuff and new maps, also forums and such aren't yet done, but you can contact me on Google+ or our Google+ page (join our G+ community and post your fun things from Mutant co-op and such!).

Getting Renegade these days is easy, either you buy it or (if you want to try it out), download it from somewhere for free, don't forget to update with TT patch and use a server list like this one.

Your feedback means a lot to us!

Thanks ExEric3 for hosting our server for such long time! Thanks zunnie, unknown and other from MPF for helping us!

Monday 24 November 2014

Hello, this is my blog, READ to know what I will be talking about!

Greetings and welcome to my blog. I'm (sla stands for my real name and .ro for my country Romania). I'm 19 years old (in 2014). I don't use facebook or twitter, but you'll see me on Google+, YouTube, Skype (as Sla Master), Steam, IRC (at #sla), ModDB, etc.

 I'll be posting tutorials, games reviews, movies reviews, things that I find intresting, game developing (I do develop games), etc. These posts will be in a form of video or text. I manly focus on video.
Tutorials will be about how to do things with your computer, for example, how to play an older game on a new system, but not only these, might include tutorials on graphics, 3D modeling and more!

Game reviews, I will be doing on older games and games that aren't very popular, I'm focusing on this because there is enough content about new games, some games doesn't have enough attention, even if they're awesome! No spoilers on stories, maybe some interesting facts, I will put in title if there's a spoiler.

Movies reviews, not really my style, but I will be reviewing movies that aren't mainstream and I will say my opinion about them.

No spoilers, maybe some interesting facts, I will announce if there's a spoiler. I don't like spoilers, neither you (maybe).

Developing, I love to develop stuff, like games, mods for games, and more! I live stream weekly on my Twitch channel.

Thanks for your time, I hope you'll enjoy!

PS: I'm not a native english speaker, so ignore or help me fix them, but don't take them too seriously, thanks.