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Tuesday 24 March 2015

LoveTD Weekly Blog #2 - Sockets and networks

Some HUD and a new map (not done).

Some network testing, a cool socket code was written. Is not a peer to peer, but will work fine, hopefully!

This week I made some tests on my new socket/network code, I also included Red Alert's graphics (by Westwood Studios). I hope you like it.

Sunday 15 March 2015

Learn how to make your own computer player for a PONG game.

I've made a video on how to make your own computer player (AI) for a simple pong game. It's done with Love2D framework (Lua programming), you can read more about Love2D here at
In this tutorial you'll learn how to make a computer player play PONG agaisnt a human player, is kinda basic, but enough to teach you the basic of making an advanced computer player (aka Artificial Inteligence). Have fun! Don't forget to share and give that button a like!

LoveTD Weekly Blog #1 - First Encounter

Hello everyone, I'm developing a new game engine (for some games that will come), a Tower Defense engine, called LoveTD (using Love2D framework, that's why the name have 'Love' in it :P ). This engine will give power to some awesome tower defense games that we will make, you'll be able to contribuite to LoveTD (as soon I get a stable client). It will support single player and multiplayer (also, will be on Android tablets/phones and Windows/Mac/Linux!)

I will post weekly (on Saturday or Sunday) about LoveTD's progress, things like new changes, new updates, new games, etc.

This weekend, we have the first encounter, we've made the game playable (still using console commands, but you can kill enemies!!).

In this image you can see that we've added towers and enemies that will spawn and try destroy your base, currently, there's no base, but you can lose against them

Spawning towers is kinda tricky and you can spawn them anywhere (even in water), in next update, we will get them sorted out and get a wave system!

Also, better HUD system.

Do you want to track LoveTD's progress? Follow me on Google+ at

I live stream when I work on LoveTD, you can live watch the progress here on

Don't forget to watch my vlogs! They will be posted on my YouTube channel here (subscribing will help you track them easier)

Let the RUSH BEGIN !

Have fun! Next week we will have even more fun!