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Wednesday 6 July 2016

C&C Renegade Tutorial - How to make a scenario for Sla's Mutant Co-Op?

It's been five years of Mutant Co-Op, a lot of things did happen during all this time, lot of changes, improvements and new maps for this server. Now It's time for you to give a helping hand (if you want) to our project, the first time we want you to contribute to the scenarios of Mutant Co-Op. Making a scenario requires some good skills, but you don't need to know programming nor 3D design, you just need to have lot of ideas! We will give you all the files you need. This will be a long post, you'll need some time to read all this ;)

Before you start, make sure you have C&C Renegade installed correctly and with latest Tiberian Technologies patch (at the time of writing this was TT 4.2). TFD should be just fine as long LevelEditor accepts it.

Tools you need: 

- Renegade LevelEditor - it's all you need to create a scenario for Mutant Co-Op, if you're interested in making a whole new map please contact me ;p

Files you need:

- LevelEditor missing files (some dlls are missing from Renegade Tools link)
- Mutant Co-Op Presets (we use custom spawns for bots)
- Custom Scripts.dll 4.2 (for custom scripts, like sla_on_enter_message etc.)
- Example M00_Tutorial leveleditor source map (a good starting point to learn how to make a scenario)
- Original Renegede Levels (all the mission maps source for leveleditor)

Usefull links:

- Tutorials
- Tools and stuff
- More downloads for Renegade
- Exodus' modding forum
- Renegade forums

You don't need to visit every site from Usefull links, but I recommend you to give a look and learn more from there.

Setuping the working environment:

1. Download Renegade LevelEditor and extract it to a empty folder where you'll work on the maps, take just leveledit folder.

2. Download LevelEditor missing files and extract them in leveledit folder.
This is how the folder should look like, also with first time launch of Renegade Leveleditor (it might ask for video driver first, just click ok).
If the leveleditor doesn't open, there's a stupid solution to copy all these files in Renegade folder, it might work, this is how I do it.

3. Download Custom Scripts (Files you need section) and copy the scripts.dll file in your Renegade directory, example: C:\Westwood\Renegade, overwrite the file. You must do this to have all scripts available for Mutant Co-Op, I highly recommend to make a backup of your scripts.dll!

4. Download Example M00_Tutorial (Files you need section) and extract it in LevelEditor's folder.
M00_Tutorial map in leveledit folder
5. Create a folder called 'Missions' in leveledit folder, in Missions folder create a folder called 'levels', download Original Renegede Levels and extract the files in Missions/levels folder.

You're now done to work on the maps, now it's time to explain how to make the actual scenarios!

Making the scenario: (making of a example M03)

1. Open leveleditor, double click on 'Missions' you've created before, load M03 map now from levels folder. (File->Open)

2. Watch the tutorial video ;)

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